1) Germany

2) Poland

4) Latvija

5) Estonia

6) Finland




European Capitals of Culture Tour


In July 2011 URBAN AUDIO was on a tour to the European Capitals of Culture Tallinn (EST) and Turku (FIN). The project in Tallinn was part of the international conference tunedcity Tallinn. To Turku URBAN AUDIO was invited by the Turku-2011-Foundation for a 9-days project. After the projects in the European Capitals of Culture, URBAN AUDIO was invited to Tartu (EST) for a presentation of the project in the monthly series helikoosolek in the Estonian National Museum.

During the 2.000 km car-ride to Tallinn and on the following journey from Tallinn to Turku, URBAN AUDIO recorded parts of the travel as musical transformations (“rides”).

Project by: Florian Tuercke

Assistance: Christian Weiss

Thanks to: Carsten Stabenow, Ulla Bergstrom, Jarmo Roksa, Patrick McGinley, Isak Javen, and everyone else who supported the projects